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They Call Her “The Terminator”

C. April Stewart

Landlords and other legal professionals have affectionately nicknamed paralegal April Stewart “The Terminator” because she has successfully terminated so many problem tenancies. Her goal is to save landlords from the nightmare particular tenants can cause, and get them out of the property fast!

You have devoted time, money and effort into your investment property. Do not underestimate the power of good tenant screening and careful management after the tenants move in. A proactive landlord is usually a successful landlord.


About Landlord Legal

Landlord Legal was officially launched in Barrie, Ontario, in 2006 by our founder C. April Stewart, who discovered through her property management company, Barrie Rentals Inc., that no one seemed to be advocating in a meaningful way for landlords. She was troubled by the treatment landlords received from tenants, the legislators, and the Board, and set out to level the playing field. She sold her management business and began her quest for landlord justice, which continues to date. Stewart’s passion for landlord’s rights has led to industry awards, national media coverage, and speaking engagements to hundreds of landlords throughout Ontario. Our firm represents landlords only!

What is Unfair About The System Governing Tenancies?

The same tenant can be evicted over and over again without facing consequences before the Landlord and Tenant Board. Landlords and the general public do not have the ability to access eviction records. BUT, for a fee, anyone can find out the names and addresses of landlords who make an Application before the Board.

A tenant can pay first and last, move into your unit, pay the rent for the most part, and eventually gives you notice that they are moving out. You stop by to check the place out and discover that it is destroyed! Holes in the walls, stained rugs, screens and doors ruined. You cannot deduct these damages from the tenant’s last month’s rent deposit, that payment must be applied ONLY to the rent for the final month of the tenancy! Ontario landlords are not permitted to collect a damage or security deposit of any kind!

A landlord wishing to bring a matter before the Landlord and Tenant Board must pay a $190.00 filing fee. Tenants wishing to bring their landlord to the Board pay only $50.00 or no fee at all.