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A experienced real estate lawyer in Atlanta is the legal advisor for a client who is engaged in buying, selling, or leasing a piece of property, as well as any disputes arising out of such transactions. The laws and procedures governing land-related transactions are numerous and complicated. Real estate attorneys keep up to date with new documents and case law to ensure they provide reliable advice while complying with all state and federal regulations.

Things to consider when locating the best Georgia Real Estate Attorney

  1. Fees

The charges for legal services depend on several factors: What is being served as part of a transaction; whether the case involves criminal or civil law; how many cases need to be resolved at once; and whether you are hiring an attorney on retainer or an hourly basis. If you only need help with one or two cases, then using an experienced Atlanta real estate attorney makes sense.

  1. Experience

Consider hiring a Georgia Real Estate Attorney who specializes in residential or commercial property law because they will have more experience and skills in such cases than one who deals with many subjects. In any case, it is vital that you choose someone who has at least five years of experience since novices may not know all of the relevant laws. They should also work for an established firm that has a good reputation for providing reliable legal advice and representation for their clients.

  1. Reputation

Before hiring a Georgia Real Estate Attorney, you should get recommendations from friends or family members who have used their services. A good reputation means that the Real Estate Attorney has provided professional services without errors or delays and helped his clients understand their obligations in the transaction. Working with an attorney who has a bad reputation is not worth the risk to your financial future when you are buying property.

  1. Specialties

Georgia Real Estate Attorneys specialize in residential, commercial, agricultural, and personal property law among others because each type of property is governed by its own set of rules. An attorney who specializes in real estate transactions, for example, will have knowledge of what documents are necessary to hold the property and which ones are not. If you plan on buying a house in Georgia, the real estate attorney is the person to ask when a change in title or mailing address is required.

  1. Availability

An attorney’s schedule is another important factor when looking for a Georgia Real Estate Attorney. He must be available by telephone during business hours and at other times if necessary. Most attorneys charge for telephone consultations, but you should talk to them before agreeing to retain the services of the firm. Make sure that you know how much calls will cost and how long you will be billed for them. It is also important that the attorney’s office has enough personnel to handle your case efficiently and with care, especially if it involves large amounts of money or multiple parties such as in real estate litigation cases.


At the end of the day, you should look for a Georgia Real Estate Attorney who is honest, reliable, and affordable. If you need legal advice about residential or commercial property purchases or sales in Atlanta, then your search should end here.